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Acta Scientifica is an Internationally peer-reviewed publishing group that is indulged in publishing original articles with an emphasis on latest research findings. Acta Scientifica aspires to bring eminent research information across the globe into light and aims to build an efficient platform for the researchers all over the world.


To explore the latest research developments.
To strengthen the research knowledge among the readers.
To contribute to the progress in scientific research.
To provide high quality online platform for publishing original research works.

Why publish with Acta Scientifica?

1. International research journal that Publishes articles on Multidisciplinary fields.
2. Prompt Acknowledgement after receiving the article.
3. Thorough Double blinded peer review.
4. Rapid Publication after the article is peer reviewed through eminent reviewers.
5. Acceptance and Publication of papers with excellence, novelty and originality.
6. Affordable publication fee.
7. Issue of Publication Certificate to author.
8. High visibility of your Published work.
9. Best Global knowledge sharing platform.

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Latest Articles

Evaluation of Bull's Eye (In-Lay) Tablet

Pharmacology in Endodontics-Revisited

Pharmacology in Endodontics-Revisited by DPPH and Reducing Power Assay of Hybanthus.

  • Prashanth Kumar Katta.
  • Published: January 2, 2017; Volume 1 Issue 2.
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Assessment of Potential Antiurolithiatic

Assessment of Potential Antiurolithiatic Activity of Some Selected Medicinal Plants by In vitro Techniques

  • KarunasreeVaricola, Sushmitha Metla.
  • Published: December 30, 2016; Volume 1 Issue 2.
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Fermented Horse Milk Can As an Immune Stimulant

Review on Pharmaceutical Gel

A Review on Pharmaceutical Gel

  • Hemendrasinh J Rathod and Dhruti P Mehta.
  • Published: December 26, 2016; Volume 1 Issue 1.
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Phytochemical and Comparative Antioxidant

Phytochemical and Comparative Antioxidant Evaluation by DPPH and Reducing Power Assay of Hybanthus Enneaspermus

  • Snehal Singh, Maddi Ramaiah, Manish Devgan, Biresh Kumar Sarkar.
  • Published: December 21, 2016; Volume 1 Issue 1.
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